It’s Spring Again!

Whatup fuckers!

It’s Anton Glamb and this is my first post on The New Pop.

I woke up today with sweat on my forehead and I wasn’t even having a nightmare OR a sexy dream.

If you have some bullshit job that won’t let you get outside, or if you’re still hungover in an automatic climate controlled fancy shit appartment, then you wouldn’t know what’s going on and I’m gonna tell you, it’s getting hot out.

Yesterday I counted about 30% more short shorts and skirts than the last warm day and I expect this trend to continue with short and skirt length decreasing by at least a few milimeters per day in the following weeks which could lead to examples of hot ass like this by mid-may:

Heat Increase to Short Length Decrease Result

The reason that this happens is because air cools off the body if the body is placed into contact with air. If what they say about global warming is true and the temperatures continue to rise at the rate they are currently rising, we could witness examples of heat to body coverage ratios like this by early June if applied to bathing suits:

Hi Temperature to Low Body Coverage

Anyways expect rad shit to go down as the seasons continue to turn like roof parties, jello wrestling, water balloons, romances, fights, creativity, and SUPRIZES.

If you don’t know, you’ll know and here’s a song to celebrate, It’s Spring Again!

Anyways see you later !

Tonight there’s a RADICAL OUTING / FDA Secret Suprize Party at 424 Lafayette by Pratt in BK. Classon G train 18+ $7.

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  1. Global Warming is the best thing that would happen to man if women really start to just walk around like that!!! Yippy Yippy Doooooooooo!!

  2. You’re crazy, LOVE YOU

  3. haha. Classic post.

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