As some of you already know, there was some drama on our trip to Austin. Traditionally it is the documentarian’s job follow the Prime Directive. Observe and not interfere. However The New Pop crew (the rule breakers that we are) never followed this guideline. We have jumped in front many a camera, interacted with many an artist, and danced at many a party because we see no separation between you and us. This approach has has served us well so far and in fact defined us. This SXSW trip was the first time that I felt the lack of separation between the camera and the subject got in the way of telling the story. I got pulled right into the middle of the drama and found myself unable to document and intervene at the same time. Not only was this creatively draining, it left a few gaps in the SXSW story that I am now attempting to fill in a factual way. This is the story from my POV and I am attempting to the best of my ability to keep it factual and balanced. You will note that I replaced the name of of the person who did not want to be interviewed with the letter x—.


—- On arrival to Austin (3/18) X— hooked up with a friend that was the ex-boyfriend of Road Team member $trictly Busine$$’ (SB) current girlfriend.
—- On (3/19) Contessa was not happy with the fact that this guest was tagging along without pitching in for gas during the “girls day out”.
—- X— was under the impression that the guest who was a local was actually lending his knowledge of the city, directing the group to local shops etc.
—- Later that night Contessa and X— got into a fight when Contessa accused the guest of not contributing to the parking cost. X— and Contessa parted ways.
—- The following morning (3/20) when X— returned to pick up her belongings, X— went off on Contessa due to the fact that she felt that Contessa overreacted.
—- SB then joined in and an even more heated verbal fight took place between SB and X—.
—- At this point I thought things could get physical and I intervened and was ready to call the whole trip off.

Those are the facts, this is the video.


  1. damn….drama

  2. Damn, that was such a nice trip so far, it’s a litte not cool that it has turned out that way..

    $strictly Busine$$ – you are fire dude! :D


    great now everybody knows Im 730 dope vid Trevz

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