It was raining flowers …

Life really is beautiful … all the time … even if it can’t always be perceived. This weekend I was sitting outside Cafe Lafayette in Brooklyn enjoying the warmth of the sun and the collective joy of people coming out of hibernation to greet the summer when I felt a strong breeze and turned to see that it was raining flowers … pink and yellow petals floated down from the trees filling the air with color.   Like the flowers I too left my home, Jamaica, in flight, to eventually settle and become rooted in a place of my choosing. And that to me is beautiful. I am in Brooklyn and feeling good in my neighborhood.


I arrived in New York 7 years ago, a young lawyer with two suitcases, no job, and a penchant for adventure. New York is the capital of the world and I wanted to experience it all. Needless to say, the journey has been equally treacherous and sublime.

It was at this time that I first encountered an arts collective, known as The Melting Pot NYC. It was like a family that I was adopted into and flourished in … incubating with people from many cultures and walks of life united by the presence of the arts (Visual Arts, Performance Art, Dance, Music, Literature, Film & the Theater). I learned to coordinate successful events, I cultivated relationships with all types of creative people, I began to develop expertise … I was on my way.

As soon as I was barred, I co-founded Coleman & Silvera LLC which is meant to be a radically different law firm for a rapidly changing entertainment industry. I consider myself a different breed of lawyer and my aspiration is always to provide a highly personalized, intuitive and pleasant service-oriented attitude to representation. I have specialized in intellectual property, trademarks, copyright, contract negotiations and business consulting for music, film, non-profit, literary and visual arts clients and look forward to discovering more areas of law with opportunity and time.

About two years ago, I participated in a protest against the NY Cabaret Laws when I first encountered Trevz and Tone who were documenting the event as their first collaboration as the New Pop. We hit the same frequency right away and ever since then we have been working together whenever possible. These guys are not only talented but also genuine and original. It is my pleasure to contribute to the New Pop Blog.

Dynamic Duo

This blog is meant to be a central repository for my thoughts and answers to any legal or business questions YOU, the creative community, may have. It also represents an opportunity to grow and learn for you and for me.  I invite you to contact me directly at or just post a comment here to ask questions or suggest topics for discussion. Have a wonderful productive week and may beautiful moments touch you everyday.

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  1. Haha, beauty. And yeah, that is the first photo of Tone and I together. Classic. Man I was like 30 lbs heavier. haha.

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