Whole In The Wall exhibit Old & New Graf masters!

I am documenting the art Exhibit “Whole In The Wall” opening tomorrow. Featuring Graf legends from the 70′s & 80′s, as well as the European artist who they influenced. All showing works in one show and all here! Not to mention the photographers Henry Chalafant and Martha Cooper authors of the legendary book Subway Art. Here are a couple of clips I did during the build featuring Blade, Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant, Daze, IKON, Lee Quinones and many more. So cool.

Masters Of Graffiti Reunion. Lee Quinones, Blade, DAze, Sharp.

Masters Of Graffiti Reunion part 2. Lee Quinones, Blade, DAze, Sharp, Jamel Shabazz, Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper.

The Book Subway Art. Photographers Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant reunite with Graf legends in the book to celebrate the 25th anniversary re print.

European Artist Sozyone, IKON, Plateus and Gallerist Chantel Helenbeck.


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