This is the shit I love about New York City. For way too long, I was surrounded by the “New” New York, and lately, I’ve been hanging out within the Old New York. I love the ghettos, being fearful of whether or not I am going to be robbed or shot, and the beautiful people that hustle every day to put food on their tables. As crazy as it sounds, I admire it. Life isn’t easy, and going to these parts remind me of that.

These are photos from the Heights. A little on the nicer side of things. I look forward to photographing more parts of New York that we have forgotten. NEW POP!


  1. Hey bw, the photos are by Texas.

  2. Hey Tone beautiful pics but next time your at a party in my backyard let me know!


  3. Wow Tex these are incredible!!!

    About your post. The last two and a half months in my native East Flatbush taking a 90 minute commute home after finishing work 3AM or later walking thru Brownsville with mostly trouble makers on the lonely street. My camera and a laptop on my back and at my side def brought me back to my Old NY. I am tired of being on guard. Getting to old I think. Back to Willy B on Sunday where the only thing I have to worry about are loud hipsters.

    I read my reply again and it reads like a Film Noir script. Haha.

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