Wolves Outside My Apartment

Seems like anytime some director wants a cliche NYC elevated subway platform shot, or an urban but not too scary neighborhood, they come to the Marcy JMZ stop which is literally right at my doorstep. Seems like at least once a month there is a shoot here. I guess its kind of cool that they see the same charm I saw when I moved here. But it can be really annoying having bright lights and shouts of action and cut all night. It was hard enough getting used to the JMZ train running outside my window every 5 minutes. Anyway there are 4 or 5 blocks with only crew trucks and vans. Its for a film called “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Seems like a pretty big production.

Also the crew had to gate off half the block because they are using real live wolves. My building entrance was within the parameters of the gate. I had to talk to 3 people and wait about 15 minutes to get in. Looks like I will be staying in on this Friday night. Check the footage I just shot from my Fire escape and my roof. I also embedded another famous scene shot at the same Marcy stop from the show Flight Of The Conchords

Shot 6/19/09 from my fire escape and roof

Scene from Flight Of The Conchords in front of my building

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  1. LOL! fantastic. yea i had a photoshoot with the sorcerer’s apprentice set in the financial district too!

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