As some of you know, I am currently in Japan as Raphael Saadiq’s tour photographer. Ray is performing at the Tokyo Blue Note for 3 days. My trip started at 7am EST at The Laguardia Airport in Queens. I took a 2 hr flight to ATL International. Waited for 2hrs and boarded my plane to JP. The grueling 14hr flight to Narita International Airport was tough. I couldn’t sleep despite getting 3hrs sleep the night before and dropping a Melatonin. Anyway, once in Japan, the Blue Note people took good care of me. I met up with the band and we took a van to our hotel in Tokyo. The entire trip was about 17-18hrs. Crazy. Anyway, here are some pics along with commentary.


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  2. Thank you so much.

  3. Hey Atsuko-
    I did not feel like your comment was negative. I understood what you meant. No worries.


  4. I am very sorry giving you the negative feelings.
    I do apologize from the bottom of my heart.
    I was not trying to say any rude things at all. truely.
    I wanted to say the show was great and wanted to see more often in Tokyo. I am sorry the way I wrote…..

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