Day 4 is a bit all over the place. Raphael came out and explored some spots with his manager Damian, Pen (Leroy Jenkins Ltd. Clothing) and Lauren (L-Boogie). By the way, Ray is working on an ill video game called Ghetto Golf and Pen is helping him with the graphics tip. In case u didn’t know, Pen is an ill artist. Peep some of his work here: http://thablackrayon.blogspot.com. Anyway, on Day 4, I got some of the geometry and composition stuff worked out in my head. Japan is a real visual treat for anyone who shoots. We also took Ray to visit Santastic, Loveless, and Prada (the crazy glass building). Later, Lauren, Pen and myself went exploring in search of a good Japanese restaurant that wasn’t too expensive. We overheard some people speaking English on the street and so I decided to ask if they had any recommendations. The guy walked us over to Maruhachi where we drank Sake and ate a bunch of small plates of food. Later, our friend Phina from Sugar Headquarters (SHQ) linked us up with her friend from TIGHT and we stopped by but they were already closed. Oh, these photos also include my sticker bombing excursion and lots of randomness as well. Enjoy.


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  3. Dope. Luvin the international sticker presence. Seems like Cobrasnake and 10 Deep was there to. haha.

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