I love Tokyo! I have met such cool people. For the few days that I have been here, I’ve been having alot of trouble shooting TOkyo. The architecture and geometry is so different then any other place I have been to. The first couple of days photos really sucked. It wasn’t until about the the third day that I was able to make sense of it from a compositional stand point. I really dig the night photos of Tokyo that dont include people but instead focus on the quiet side of a city that is PACKED with people. This photo set also includes photos of Santa and Hori from SANTASTIC. These two guys were a great inspiration to me and I was honored to meet them both. Of course, L-Boogy is in the house. I owe a great deal to her support and believing in me. Thx L. Not sure I say it enough. Anyway, I hope u enjoy.


  1. Very cool angle, Yeah totally unexpected and really eerie. I only saw the film “Lost In Translation” once, but I think this is the same feeling I got watching that and I loved that film. Because it showed this eerie night side that you never get anywhere else.

    Home run!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! keep postin please :) esp of the foooood. YUMMERS.

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