Jun 09


UGGGGHHHH i can’t belieeve i effing slept on hearing Robot Koch play at Coco66 last niGHT!! For those of you who don’t know, Berlin based producer Robot Koch is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed band Jahcoozi and post rock/hiphop outfit The Tape vs RQM. He’s the illest. Here’s his latest ep AFTERSHOCKS, a collab with my future baby daddy, Cerebral Vortex.


Jun 09

A Mellow Life

Once we leave our boxes, and explore different parts of the world: We come back in a peaceful state of mind. Calm. Knowledgeable. Strong. Confident.

My whole point is, I love Melo’s vibe in these photos and it shows me where he is mentally: & where he will be in the future. Whenever we exchange artistic energy, its always amazing.

I just had de ja vu!

Check him out here: All Things Melo-X