After holding out from getting an iPhone because I didn’t want to be a “Not In the moment” person disconnected from the world because they are constantly texting, checking their mail, or twittering, I finally gave in. Partly due to the new video feature on the 3Gs. I have had it for a couple of days, and I am already addicted. Twittering, texting all the time, shooting video, and shooting photos. I am a new media, social networking junkie. Today I am publishing my first iPhone photo blog. This one from New Orleans where I met up with Raphael Saadiq at The Essence festival. Some of these photos were taken this morning after an intense shoot at the 9th Ward with Raphael. Official New Pop videos and photos coming soon. Enjoy.


  1. Yeah LBoogy. I thought you were going to be out here for sure. Next time. Talk soon.

  2. wish I could have been with you guys! I’m sure this weekend was amazing with Saadiq in the Big Easy! You guys rock!

  3. I love how this was the same thing I did when i last went down to Nawlins. Madd Chinese food.

  4. aww shit, watch out Tone, Trevz with a camera?? I smell competition! haha happy birthday trev…hope you boys are showing new ‘awlins whats up!

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