Tomorrow we start moving into our very first studio space. The space is dope! dope! dope! This is a place for creative souls who share a common artistic spirit to make a mark in the New Media landscape. We will also be shooting the newest New Pop web series “New Pop City” at this space. The first episode aired a few weeks back and ended with Jasmine’s wish that all the fam move into a co-op and “live like hippies” haha. (We had no idea we would be blessed with this space when we shot and edited that piece.)

Over the next few months, we will be fixing things, bringing in furniture, producing art, doing photo shoots, making music, etc, and it will all be included in the “New Pop City” series. If you want to contribute, give us a hand fixing up the joint, have furniture to donate, are interested in doing an internship, or any other number of creative and useful ideas just give us a shout.


  1. Congrats guys!! the place looks amazing!!!

  2. I demand before and after pics of the downstairs bathroom…it could get reeeal messy reeeal quick if you catch my drift…

  3. Congrat,lots of luck can’t wait to see it!

  4. Thanks for the good word. Yeah it’s all coming together real dope like. Got allot done yesterday, sweeping, cleaning, fixing, planning. Its all good.

  5. Corey Thompson(Photoleer)

    nice spot!!!!! Love the moves you cats have made…You guys deserve it…

  6. This space is gorgeous brotha ! congrats…lets make history ! Love Eiknarf

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