The Brown Bomber

I’ve had to pleasure of knowing Kyle aka The Brown Bomber since 2005, ever since then we have been rolling with each other through thick and thin. We were in a band together. We’ve went on tour together. We’ve had great times together. We’ve had bad times together. Overall, what you may call a real friendship. Feburary, of this year, we (Kyle, myself, Larry, and Nikk (Abcents) all decided to move in with each other – and, I must say it’s been an interesting transition in my daily life. Living with artists is possibly one of the best living situations you can ever put yourself into. We really do motivate each other to do our best every single day.

Couple months ago, Kyle graced him with the MPC 500 and this is the masterpiece that he created. We’ve spent sleepless nights trying to figure out a concept, and a way for all of us to contribute as a family and a household. I’m very proud of him, and will continue to hold him down until the world ends. Here is his EP named, Legendary. With a featured voicemail from his father, the one and only, Don Blackman.

The Brown Bomber – Legendary

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