Aug 09

http://twitter.com/thenewpop Episode 3

Our week that was via our twitpic posts. A couple of photo shoots, the editing nightmare that is my life, and my day strolling around williamsburg.

Aug 09

James Nachtwey’s TED Project

Award winning photo journalist James Nachtwey recently revealed his TED Project. See the details within this movie. This is heavy.

Aug 09

Poppa New Pop on Fox TV

My dad was interviewed by Fox TV for a story on cell phones and cab drivers. He is the first and last driver interviewed, with another soundbyte in the middle. If you knew pops you would know what a character he is. My pop’s said that when the reporter approached him he introduced himself as “Speedy McGreedy”. And by the end of the interview even the NYPD standing on the corner were cracking up. What a ham my dad is. Of course they only edited in what they needed but you will get the idea.

You have to be a character to be driving in this city for over 35 years and still loving it. Over 13,000 Cabs in NYC and they find my dad. Not so much a surprise as it is good journalistic instincts, as he is pretty much the classic old school NYC Taxi driver. Also check the link below of another classic NYC character we interviewed here at The New Pop that reminds me allot of my dad. Frenchie.

Aug 09

Elevator Fight

Live From The New Pop Loft: Zoe Kravitz, Dom Angelella, Joe Baldacci & Khari Mateen of the group Elevator Fight pay us a visit.

Aug 09

http://twitter.com/thenewpop Episode 2

Our Twitter Photo Montage iPhone week in review. This week “Lick” feat Elevator Fight, & Jasmine Solano. Also we have Kanye West and Lykke Li at the Diesel event at Webster Hall, and the strip contest that went on afterwards. Enjoy and follow us on twitter.