Sep 09


This is an amazing display of the Guinea West African Dance Doundounba in pre-condo Williamsburg. Its from the 2005 documentary “Stone Soup” about the Willi-B Art & Music festival which was the first thing I shot for The New Pop back when it was called TheNewPopSensation.

Sep 09

Stone Soup Festival 1-2 Williamsburg ’05

Back in 2005 I got the bug to shoot video. My first shoot was documenting a 12 hour street festival in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The organizers Ben Moore & Amon shut down North 6th street between Kent & Wythe all day and rented out the old Galapagos (Now Public Assembly) and Northsix (Now the Williamsburg Music Hall) along with the venues Zablowski’s and a couple of others. It was huge event and for a first shoot it was allot to handle. I had a couple of friends help me out with logistics and another with the camera which helped allot. There was an amazing lineup of artist including Si Se, Outernational, Romashka, Prince Paul, Chris Annibell, and numerous other visual artists and dancers. The festival was supposed to be an annual event but this turned out to be the first and last.

A year later I made a documentary which I burned on DVD and gave to the organizers but I never posted it online. For some reason today I remembered the video and broke it up into 6 parts and posted on youtube. When I first edited it I decided for whatever reason to tell the story backwards. I also included interviews I shot a year later as commentary. I embedded part 1 and 2 in this post. I realize that as internet standards go this is hella long, but if your a video junkie like me then you might have fun with this.


–Back then there were not many photographers and even less videographers shooting the scene. You would only see those old school shirt in pants tripod carrying older guys back then. Since then mostly during 2007 it become cool to shoot. Here is to the original nerd documentarians that did it for the love not to be loved.

Sep 09

life @unionsquarepark The Burma protests

Yesterday I came across a protest in Union Square for human rights in Burma. Thought it was an interesting story so I pulled out my iPhone and walla! God Bless technology and the US-of-A, where we can all be news reporters and tell it the way we see it. People are dying for this same type of freedom all over the world. Don’t take it for granted folks.

Sep 09

Life @theglasslands “Azz Everywhere!”

So Last night I headed over to Glasslands in Williamsburg cause I heard Spank Rock was performing. As I arrived this guy spots my camera and asks me if I am shooting. Turns out he is Rusty Lazer, the DJ for the main act tonight which isn’t Spank Rock. He then tells me that I have to shoot his artist Big Freedia. Says ‘her show is insane.’ I heard it a million times from people looking for free press. Usually I have no problem with this but this time I was more hesitant to shoot another performance especially one following Spank Rock because I only had 30 minutes of tape left and wanted to use the remaining 30 minutes shooting the Spank Rock set. Saving time for Freedia would mean I could only dedicate a few minutes to Spank’s show. I decided to take the risks, I could only think that If I am going to ration my Spank Rock coverage Big Freedia better be good. And why is Spank Rock opening for this person I never heard of anyway?

Well kids, turns out Big Freedia is the best show I shot since the Theophilus London “Writers Block” episode. Freedia even had the too cool for school art students shaking their asses like we were in East Flatbush. How does one “sissy rapper” inspire so much ass shaking in this world of cool?!!! At the end of the night I kindly thanked DJ Rusty (the second polaroid in gallery) for giving me the Heads up. Also big thanks to Venus & Ojay for taking care of everything.

Oh yeah also posted the polaroids I took below the movie embed.

Sep 09

Life @_lovebrigade

I spent fashion week with my old friends at Love Brigade as they put together the show for their SS10 line. Soundtrack courtesy of Tecla Esposito.

Sep 09

Life @_arterotica

This monthly party is choc-full of interesting characters, great art, and sexy sexy fun.

Life @_arterotica from trevz on Vimeo.

Sep 09

Mabaruma, Guyana

Sep 09

Georgetown, Guyana

“…I woke up on the plane.. I woke up to the stars reflecting off of my soul. I woke up to the horizon of my home. The clouds down here are symmetric, full, and healthy. The sunrise rose more confident then it does in the states…” – Except from my journal.

Words can not explain.

You know, this trip changed and saved my life and my creativity.

This year has been extremely difficult for me and the ones I care about. Financial situations, death, you name it. We’ve all been through it. Stepping outside of the United States made me gain much more than a “perspective”. I gained perspectives every single day here in Brooklyn before I left for South America. I was initially waiting for something to strike the core of my heart, and completely change the way I saw people, the world, and myself. That happened. I pretty much got wrapped around in a Epiphany, and it held me tight until I threw up all the negative feelings that were lurking in my body. All the insecurities, bad feelings/energy, depression that was surrounding my crown before I left is completely gone. Those feelings will never disappear though. I’m still human. We are still human. I am still completely aware that life will continue to obtain it’s hurdles, but when you fall down you must get back up. If you want something positive to happen within your life, it’s honestly up to you to stand at the foot of the world in order to put positivity within it only to receive it back.

The most exciting part of this trip was learning about my families history. My mother’s maiden name is Valenzuela. My grandfather’s name is Wilfred Valenzuela, and my grandmother’s name is Carmen Valenzuela. The majority of my mother’s side were planted within the Venezuela and Guyana regions. My grandfather emerged from the Wai Wai Tribe who are now located in Guyana and northern Brazil. Let us not forget that that some in my family are Amerindians, and Arawak. The list probably goes on, man.

There is still a lot to learn. It’s weird being back here in the states. Everything seems very claustrophobic, fast, and meaningless. However, you have to learn how to adapt while holding on to the things you learned. You have to live in the present, and the future without being devastated about the past. I hope that we as human beings can overcome the obsession of material things, alcohol, drugs, and parties. I’m sure those things are nice. It shouldn’t be the most important thing. Instead of trying to make it big in NYC, and have your name spread around the grimy streets of this beautiful city. Why not make an effort to make an impact in the world? Why not have your name sweep across the atlantic? Go on google and see how big this world is. What’s in front of you, isn’t all that there is. Open your third eye.


Part 2: Mabaruma Photos soon!


Sep 09

Life Episode 2 “Summer’s End” Video

See what a few creative friends of mine did on the last weekend of Summer. Featuring Joya Bravo, Vanissa Chan, Miss Metro, Rocky Business and the Hip Hop Howl festival. Soundtrack by Joya Bravo.

Sep 09

“Summer’s End” Photo’s

I spent my labour day weekend with Vanissa as she got her first Tattoo drawn by one of her special needs kids, also with Rocky Bizzness at Hip Hop Howl in Tompkins Square Park & ended with a canceled rooftop party that spilled onto the L Train. So appropriate. This summer has been particularly memorable. Sorry to see it go.