Life @theglasslands “Azz Everywhere!”

So Last night I headed over to Glasslands in Williamsburg cause I heard Spank Rock was performing. As I arrived this guy spots my camera and asks me if I am shooting. Turns out he is Rusty Lazer, the DJ for the main act tonight which isn’t Spank Rock. He then tells me that I have to shoot his artist Big Freedia. Says ‘her show is insane.’ I heard it a million times from people looking for free press. Usually I have no problem with this but this time I was more hesitant to shoot another performance especially one following Spank Rock because I only had 30 minutes of tape left and wanted to use the remaining 30 minutes shooting the Spank Rock set. Saving time for Freedia would mean I could only dedicate a few minutes to Spank’s show. I decided to take the risks, I could only think that If I am going to ration my Spank Rock coverage Big Freedia better be good. And why is Spank Rock opening for this person I never heard of anyway?

Well kids, turns out Big Freedia is the best show I shot since the Theophilus London “Writers Block” episode. Freedia even had the too cool for school art students shaking their asses like we were in East Flatbush. How does one “sissy rapper” inspire so much ass shaking in this world of cool?!!! At the end of the night I kindly thanked DJ Rusty (the second polaroid in gallery) for giving me the Heads up. Also big thanks to Venus & Ojay for taking care of everything.

Oh yeah also posted the polaroids I took below the movie embed.


  1. eyooooo! where was i??!

  2. now that’s the hotness trevz!

  3. Don’t mention it, twas my pleasure. looking forward to seeing it again.


  4. Epic Video -Thnx a million Trevz -
    AZZ EV3RYWH3RE will be back soon.

  5. Thanks again for the headz up Rusty, and for the good words Matt.

    Editors Note: Spank Rock was opening for Big Freedia in part because he was trying out new material.

  6. SOOOO GOOOOOD! really wanna see more shows like this one in NYC! GOOD TIMEZZZZ

  7. Alright! Thanks for that!
    Excellent job and so quick!
    much love,
    Rusty Lazer

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