Stone Soup Festival 1-2 Williamsburg ’05

Back in 2005 I got the bug to shoot video. My first shoot was documenting a 12 hour street festival in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The organizers Ben Moore & Amon shut down North 6th street between Kent & Wythe all day and rented out the old Galapagos (Now Public Assembly) and Northsix (Now the Williamsburg Music Hall) along with the venues Zablowski’s and a couple of others. It was huge event and for a first shoot it was allot to handle. I had a couple of friends help me out with logistics and another with the camera which helped allot. There was an amazing lineup of artist including Si Se, Outernational, Romashka, Prince Paul, Chris Annibell, and numerous other visual artists and dancers. The festival was supposed to be an annual event but this turned out to be the first and last.

A year later I made a documentary which I burned on DVD and gave to the organizers but I never posted it online. For some reason today I remembered the video and broke it up into 6 parts and posted on youtube. When I first edited it I decided for whatever reason to tell the story backwards. I also included interviews I shot a year later as commentary. I embedded part 1 and 2 in this post. I realize that as internet standards go this is hella long, but if your a video junkie like me then you might have fun with this.


–Back then there were not many photographers and even less videographers shooting the scene. You would only see those old school shirt in pants tripod carrying older guys back then. Since then mostly during 2007 it become cool to shoot. Here is to the original nerd documentarians that did it for the love not to be loved.


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