Oct 09

The Most Beautifulist New Park

Yesterday I walked on the High Line Park on the West side. The High Line is a new public park, built on an elevated 1930s rail structure located on Manhattan’s West Side from Ganvsevort to 34th street. And what a lovely day it was to stroll. I couldn’t paint a lovelier sky.

Oct 09

JUST DANCE: The Rad Dance Fads Pt. 1

We all know the wop, the worm, the humpty, the RUNNING MAN.. i know i wasn’t the only one spending hours on the kitchen floor practicing these moves like i was going to be called onto Club MTV or something.
Im excited that some of these grimey new era HIP HOPPERS are keeping the song-dance phenomena not only alive, but more crazy than ever. Everyone from Ricky Bobby to Halle Berry has a dance, and if that’s not enough, the kids are surfing swag waves and airing out funky socks (the stanky legg).
Todays post comes to you from the roof.. the street, the basement, the bus… hell they’ll do it anywhere. Im talking about the latest dance crazes, and the south is bringin it like only the dirty dirty can.

Oct 09


I think everyone knows who this kid is. He goes by the name Poppa Purp. He hosts great parties at Moomia, and other venues. And, he is also a very dope photographer. I had the opportunity to photograph him today at my studio in Brooklyn. Of course, one of the things I love doing is telling other people’s stories. No matter how grotesque, real, or extreme the story is — it has to be told. I remember growing up in East New York, and being exposed to a lot. Most of those things, I shouldn’t have been exposed to at a young age, but it’s not a perfect world. Since, this city is developing we often forget how dangerous some parts are and how protection is needed. One thing I learned in Guyana is as easy as it is to judge, we all have to have a clear understanding that people weren’t raised in the same environments that we were raised in. Everyone is different. There really isn’t any room to judge.

Check out Purp’s Blog

“Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.”

Oct 09

The Godfather of DIY Terry Richardson

Many years ago in the mid 90′s I remember watching a Sports Illustrated swimsuit special on TV, one of the photographers featured was this wacky guy who shot the supermodels with a point and shoot camera. I laughed so hard. Here was this nerdy guy who looked like he was auditioning as an extra on Starsky & Hutch thumbing his nose at all the fabulous high priced photographers. A few years later I did freelance PA work on film sets to get by. One day I got called to work on a photo shoot at Asbury Park. Before I arrived on set the production team were making a big deal about the photographer doing the shoot. When I arrived it was the same guy I saw many years earlier on that TV special, his name was Terry Richardson. The thing I remember most about that day was the easygoing vibe on set. Typically I would work a minimum of 12 hours on a shoot, but on Terry’s set we wrapped in 4. There wasn’t that military like atmosphere that pervaded typical film/photo sets. This set was different, Terry seemed to be just hanging out with the crew. Seeing Terry work was an up close lesson in the nurturing of what I considered a fertile creative environment.

Many years later around 2004 due in part to the innovations in digital video I got the bug to shoot documentaries. When I started shooting I was determined to focus on the energy and the story and to embrace mistakes and imperfections, ride them the way a surfer would ride a wave. I wanted to stay light and nimble. My mantra was if it can’t fit in my backpack it isn’t going with me. And it was Terry Richardson the DIY revolutionary with a point and shoot camera who I looked at for inspiration. This DIY attitude seemed to inspire a whole new generation of photo and video artist. From Lastnight’s Party, to Cobrasnake to Thenewpop. We owe allot to the Godfather. Check this video that pretty much sums up Terry’s early struggles with the commercial world when he would show up on set with his point and shoot.