JUST DANCE: The Rad Dance Fads Pt. 1

We all know the wop, the worm, the humpty, the RUNNING MAN.. i know i wasn’t the only one spending hours on the kitchen floor practicing these moves like i was going to be called onto Club MTV or something.
Im excited that some of these grimey new era HIP HOPPERS are keeping the song-dance phenomena not only alive, but more crazy than ever. Everyone from Ricky Bobby to Halle Berry has a dance, and if that’s not enough, the kids are surfing swag waves and airing out funky socks (the stanky legg).
Todays post comes to you from the roof.. the street, the basement, the bus… hell they’ll do it anywhere. Im talking about the latest dance crazes, and the south is bringin it like only the dirty dirty can.

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