Dec 09

Art Basel Miami

Wow! I just realized this is my first new video post in 3 or 4 months. I have been busy. Finally caught a break so I spent some time updating and such. Anyway this is my first post in 3 months, and last post of the decade. It’s from my trip to Art Basel earlier this month. This is my second year down there. Last year I was shooting for Pernod. This year it was for Societe Perrier.

Art Basel and art fairs in general are easily my favorite events to cover. Really chill, good food, good folks. And this art fair is the grand daddy of ‘em all. Not only do you see the most intriguing art on the planet, but there are a ton of beautiful people and lots of partying going on. Unfortunately due to my hectic shooting schedule this time around and the fact that I decided not to rent a car, I didn’t get to visit any other galleries and fairs outside of Pulse, nor as many parties as I did last year. The ones I did make I was too beat to bring my camera. But what I did cover was great. In the clip below keep an eye out for Russell Simmons, The Vivian Girls, Hollywood Holt, The Shepard Fairey mural that was all the rage, and of course all the Hot ladies! I love NY, but we can’t hold a candle to Miami and L.A. when it comes to dimes. Also check the photos I took below. I took a flight from Tampa to Miami on the smallest plane I ever flew in and I thought I was going to die when we were landing. The plane was swaying from side to side 10 feet above the ground. The pilots (one pictured below) looked like members of a boy band. My girlfriend said the pilots were probably practicing their dance moves. That made sense. Anyway they got us on the ground in one piece god bless ‘em.

I also have morning shots from my hotel room. The hotel sucked, but the location and view were amazing! I love the geometric patterns the streets and buildings formed and the lighting due to the passing storm. Also included a couple of shots of the art. Happy New Year! See you in 2010.