Fiction Meets Fact. “E-Paper”

There is this clip from Minority Report (one of my all-time favorite films) where Tom Cruise’s character tries to flee capture by casually strolling on a metro train. Just then an image of him pops up on a E-Newspaper being read by a fellow passenger. It was one of the more memorable scenes from this movie that made me say, wow!!! I thought how cool it would be if someone were able to invent something like that. Well 8 years later it looks like someone is getting ever so close. Yesterday I ran across this really cool post on HypeBeast about this cool new device that just might revolutionize and save print. Its from Bonnier and it is what a true Digital Magazine should look like.

Check out the two clips I posted below. The first is the short clip from Minority Report that I mentioned above. The second is a feature on the prototype from Bonnier. Maybe one day you will see TheNewPop published on one of these babies

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

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