Scott Brown skit on SNL

I have been tuning into SNL since the days of Eddie Murphy. Easily its the most loyal I have been to any show in my lifetime. If I am home on a Saturday night, you can be sure I will be dialing in SNL at 11:30. As you can imagine a show with such a long history will have it’s lulls and its high points. 2008-2009 was one of SNL’s best years on record mostly due to the election. But since then it has been a major bore. last night I fell asleep watching SNL. Today I saw a blog post about a Scott Brown piece that aired as I lay sleeping. It featured Jon Hamm as Scott Brown and is one of the funniest I have seen in a long time. Wish I caught it Live. Anyway here it is.

Also check out the interview Texas and I did for URB Mag with SNL featured player Fred Armisen (who is also in the piece above playing Congressman Barney Frank). Fred Armisen was one of my favorite interviews.


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