Futura & The 151 Wooster Wildstyle Wall

A couple of years ago I documented a story about the 151 Wooster Wildstyle Wall.   As Paper Magazine put it “a wall covered with the tags of old school superstars Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000, Jean-Michel Basquiat and others. Believed to have once belonged to art critic Edit Deak, the apartment became a hang-out, a let’s get high spot where the walls became a canvas for the aerosol artists.” This story got a ton of press and I found it hard to present it with a unique perspective, consequently the project got put on hold.

Recently I found myself watching a video on HypeBeast on artist Kenny Scharf who was a part of the 1980′s Post Punk Art scene in NY. A scene that I was totally fascinated with ten years ago before I was “plugged in” and jaded.  Kenny Scharf was a roommate of Keith Haring, who was a friend of Fab 5 Freddy, who collaborated with Futura 2000.   These guys were at the center of what was the coolest 10 year run of art and music in NY.  You had the uptown hip-hop scene, coming downtown to the Post Punk/New Wave scene, and at the center of it all were the street artist.  Among them, Futura 2000.  In books like Keith Haring The Authorized Biography, The Keith Haring Journals, & Basquiat A Quick Killing In Art, Futura 2000 was referenced numerous times as one of the best artist of this period.  Veiwing the Scharf piece combined with a broader perspective as a result of time inspired me to dig up the old tapes and reconsider the footage.   I thought that it might be cool to tell the story of the 151 Wooster Wall through Futura’s eyes.  A risky approach considering I am excluding the interviews of folks like Fab 5 Freddie, Lee Quinones, and several others involved with this amazing discovery.  In the end I was pleased with this approach.  Futura seemed to be instantly transported back to the days when this movement was at it’s zenith and that enthusiasm translated well in this piece.



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