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Recently while browsing the Tuner magazine blog TunerLifeStyleTV, I ran across a video by the folks at Honda titled Failure: The Secret to Success. It features Danica Patrick and many others discussing the concept of failure. I find this a fascinating topic considering the struggle I face everyday to survive as an artist.  In the downtown scene I work in the mantra is “Fake It Until You Make It.” It’s hard to find anyone to identify with during the inevitable struggles that we ALL face.   If one were to believe half of what folks in the scene tell us about their “triumphs,” one could easily think that you are the only one who hasn’t figured out the formula for success.  Well surprise, surprise, the formula for success is a long and winding path on a road called failure.

This video is a refreshing look at folks who HAVE achieved success discussing their failures.  It is beautifully shot and edited.  After watching this video you won’t feel like you are the only one struggling to reach your goals despite what your colleagues lead you to believe.  Below that video I embedded a video interview with Lady Gaga from my friends at GakCity.  This was shot in a relatively small downtown bar a few years ago before Lady Gaga was the mega star she is today.  It’s inspiring because she talks about being persistent in her pursuit for fame.   I will end this blog entry with this famous quote also included in this piece from Thomas Edison; When asked about the numerous failures he encountered when inventing the light bulb Edison said ‘I never failed, it just didn’t work 10,000 times.’



Lady Gaga interviewed by our freinds at GAKcity before she blew up.

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  1. Good write up. It’s the first time I heard that phrase, “Fake it until you make it”. It truly represents the current work ethic in our society today.

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