The Scene Episode 2

My first stab at fiction was a tough haul.  I was going to bury this episode and pretend the idea for this series never happened because I wasn’t happy with the piece.  Documentary filmmaking is a very organic process that is challenging and incredibly rewarding. Fiction on the other hand is a methodical process where each decision can affect the entire crew. I erroneously thought that shooting a few music videos prepped me for this, I was dead wrong. Dozens of script rewrites and numerous rehearsals later I found myself spinning on set just trying to keep the entire production from spiraling out of control.  Add the fact that it was the first time I was shooting with the Canon 5D MK2 which in itself was a huge challenge and the ending result was an edit that didn’t match up to the vision I had in my head. However instead of burying it I thought it was important to finish what I started,  learn from my mistakes, and do it again.  So for better or for worse I cut the piece in half and decided to go forward and publish it.

This episode stars Nate “Igor” Smith of Driven By Boredom fame and the lovely model/actress Carolina Ramirez.  The title of the series is The Scene (I love creative titles).  It is about the downtown scene which I documented weekly for about 4 years.  As jaded as it made me I am also fascinated by the colorful and talented people who inhabit this world.  I hope that this series gives you a more entertaining look into that world.  Technically this episode may not live up to my original vision but it is still an important part of what will hopefully be a very interesting series.



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  1. [...] episode 2 where just about everything went wrong this episode was all fun.  E2 was series of first; my first time directing fiction, the first time acting for most of the [...]

  2. Simple yet elegant. ; )

  3. The title, “The Scene” was my simple idea. : )

  4. [...] Anyway, the project was almost scrapped, but Trevz figure out away to keep some of it alive.  He cut it down from 7 minutes to just over two minutes and created a little snippet that is totally different from the original film.  It was a pretty great move to save it.  My favorite part was the end, which is completely gone now, but he told me that it might end up becoming the opening to his next film, so we will just wait and see. Read Trevz take on the whole thing here. [...]

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