Raideen: The Original Transformer

The very first mecha anime series I ever saw was Raideen in the mid 70′s.  It aired on the old UHF channels that had horrible reception and no subtitles.  My brother and I and I were hooked on Raideen.  The fact that we had no idea what they were saying made no difference to us, it was cool.  Raideen was the first mecha anime hero with the ability to transform.  A precursor to anime shows like G-Force, Transformers, Voltron, and the more popular Gundam Wing.  Gundam Wing’s creator Yoshiyuki Tomino also created Raideen and wrote the screenplay and storyboards for the series that started anime Tetsuwan Atomu, better known to American audiences as Astro Boy. Raideen was a part of a series of imported Japanese robots called Shogun Warriors, all based on then-popular giant robot anime shows. At the time the only other person I knew that watched this show other than my brother was my cousin. He also had the toy (pictured below on the far left) and we would go over to his apartment and play with it.  I remember his fist could shoot out.

There was also a Shogun Warriors comic which I had until Mom’s threw out my comic collection about 7 years later.  This collection would be worth thousands today.  The humanity!!!

Raideen was my introduction to the fabulous world of anime and I will never forget tuning into that UHF channel every Saturday night anxiously awaiting the start of Raideen.  There aren’t any movies planned nor is there a DVD easily available. I was able to pull up the opening credits on youtube in Japanese just the way I remember it (minus the watermarks).



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  1. Yeah it was called Battle Of The Planets. But the original name and the name we called it was G-Force. Also the origninal Power Rangers show was called Go-Rangers. I will post about that one later. And yeah we had no idea what they were saying, but we didn’t care. It was too cool.

  2. Damn bro, this brings back memories. I think G-Force was called Battle of the Planets. Even though it was not anime, remember the original Power Rangers. I dont think it was the same name back then. Hell, we didn’t understand anything they were saying anyway.

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