What Change Looks Like

The day I decided to support Back Obama in his run for the Oval Office it was not because he was African American as I am.  It was because he was the best candidate and smartest man in the room. When he decided to make health-care reform his number one domestic issue I was sold.  I believed if anyone could reform Health-care it would be him.

During the course of my life there have been many important issues that have come and gone with the changing social and political landscape, but for me and many Americans there is one constant… health-care.  The late Ted Kennedy called it “that great unfinished business of our society.” Like many of my artist and entrepreneurial friends I never held a 9 – 5 job and can’t afford health-care. In addition as a kid I had severe asthma and often had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night barely able to breath. This pre-existing condition makes it all the more complicated for me to find anyone willing to cover me.  So I go on hoping that nothing happens to me.  And I am one of the Lucky ones.  Every day people lose everything they have or worse lose their lives because of this broken health-care system.   For the past year Obama has taken up this unpopular and highly polarizing cause to do what is right.  Yesterday it paid off as House members put their seats at risk to do the right thing and pass this historic and landmark bill.  There were times when it seemed like this day would never come.  When we lost the Super Majority in the Senate to Scott Brown it would have been easy for Obama to pack things up and say he gave it his best shot.  After all for over 100 years every President who has tried to pass major health-care reform has failed.  It is a testament to his character that he, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of his party went on to implement this historic bill instead of taking the politically safe route.  As Obama stated in his speech last night “This is what change looks like.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I attached a snapshot of the historic moment.

PS:  As I mentioned because of this decision many mid-term Democratic seats are in jeopardy.  If we want to continue seeing progressive legislation enacted we will need to rally support for these seats the way we rallied for Obama in his run for Presidency.  Moveon.org is a good place to start.  Join their mailing list for very informative updates and ways to donate money.  Money and votes are the best way to support any candidate.


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