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Spike Jonze just released his much anticipated short film “I’m Here” sponsored by Absolut Vodka. It is an amazing piece of work about a robot who dares to dream and love. This got me thinking about a couple of other short films that dealt with Robots or Robot-like entities.

The short “Death To The Tinman” which I first saw while documenting the Crowne Point Festival a couple of years ago is a tale about a man in love who losses his soul to a tinman but not his ability to love.  The other short is actually an ad titled “Metal Man” or “Why.”  I first saw this ad during the dotcom bubble about ten years ago.  It was made for the then revolutionary, and now notoriously defunct company Enron. At the time I never heard of Enron and this ad made me take notice of their brand. It documents another tinman who is rigid and sluggish. It was a shot at the stogy corporate culture that was out of vogue at the time.  I was a small player in that dotcom revolution so this ad resonated with me not only for its message, but for it’s concept.  And finally directly below we have Spike Jonze’s “I’m Here.”  What I love most about Spike Jonze is how he integrates imaginative concepts with real world beauty.  To see these robots go about everyday challenges and enjoy subtle beauty is true visual poetry.  Anyway enjoy all three.


Footnote: Spike Jonze and Ray Tintori are working together on a new project.

I’m Here by Spike Jonze

Why for Enron Energy

Death to the Tinman by Ray Tintori

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