We Were Once a Fairytale

My recent Robot postings have led me to this video from Spike Jonze for Kanye West titled We Were Once a Fairytale.  Various versions of this video have been leaked and pulled from different video sites.  In this version a drunken Kanye stumbles through a club trashed out of his mind belligerently hitting on girls.  What starts off as a believable plot-line turns into a weird little scene involving hari-kari and an encounter with a rodent like creature.   It will leave many viewers scratching their heads as to it’s meaning.

The first half is easier to dissect as it draws more from a documentary style than conventional fiction. I found the first half far more intriguing than the dreamlike second half.  They say truth is stranger than fiction or in this case scripted truth. In those first 5 minutes Jonze gives us a realistic and gritty glimpse into the isolated life a megastar crashing.  Jonze combines impromptu scripted material with a pseudo music performance.  In the second half Jonze retreated back to his conventional style of integrating animation and real life, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. It is what he does best. However I wish Jonze would have resisted the urge to fall back into his conventional style and stuck with this scripted portrayal of a stars cry for help. Either way it’s worth a look.


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