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Yesterday I posted the teaser for the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” by Bansky.  Bansky stated that this film started out as a documentary about him but he decided to turn the camera on the director Thierry Guetta because as he put it “he was actually allot more interesting than I am so the film is about him.” In the process of turning the tables on Thierry, Banksy documented the transformation of the videographer formerly known as Thierry Guetta into the art-star currently known as Mr Brainwash.  I have been a fan of Mr Brainwash for many years now. If you have been to my apartment you have probably seen the Obama Superman poster (pictured below) signed by Mr Brainwash himself. It hangs right alongside the Neckface tag I ripped from a subway ad many years ago. I’ve been lucky getting my hands on works from a couple of the more iconic artist of this generation.

Speaking of iconic, Mr Brainwash has a show titled ICONS running through the end of April. It has been a smash and I suggest you see it. I haven’t had time yet, but I will before it closes. Here is a really cool video by Jeremy Sewell documenting the show which includes a really cool interview with Mr Brainwash himself.  After seeing this video it’s hard not to love Mr Brainwash. His positive message is inspiring.  The title of his first show in L.A. said it all…



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