New Pop Vintage 2008 – Electric Punnany

Starting in 2007 my former partner Tone was the resident photographer at Sway Monday nights. Mostly due to his photos it went from being a pretty laid back Monday to the place to be.  Everyone went there and they partied hard.  I missed out on all the fun because I pretty much never went out unless I was shooting, as a result my experience was limited to Tone’s photos and internet buzz.  In 2008 I was asked to document the 4th edition of a monthly party called Electric Punany which took place once a month at Sway.  After experiencing Sway on a weekly basis through Tone’s photos I kinda knew what to expect and it did not disappoint.  The night was hot, it was sweaty, it was filled with interesting stories and characters.  From the vintage collection here is Electric Punnany.


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