Lost Finale WTF?

So first of all I have to say for the record that I was a huge fan of the first season of Lost, however I lost interest during the second season, and despite numerous attempts to return to the series I never was able to get back into it. Every time I turned it on there seemed to be another guy falling down a shaft, or a polar beer on the beach, or Jack on a submarine or some plot-line that didn’t hold my attention.  That being said I always wanted to know what it all meant.  So last night I spent 2 hours watching the Lost pre-show to catch up on what I missed, and 2 1/2 hours watching the finale.  During the Special that proceeded the finale the show Producers Damon Lindelof, left and Carlton Cuse were trying really hard to justify dragging this series on for 6 seasons.  All the talk of flashbacks, flash-forwards and side-ways seemed like a big smoke screen for milking ad $$$ from this cash cow.  But I with-held judgement until I saw the finale.

So as I sat there watching Lost whilst the Laker game played on TNT, and the Apprentice played on NBC, I had a sever case of cynicism.  The cheesy light in the cave, the melodramatic acting, the sentimental flashbacks all seemed to confirm that somewhere along the line this series jumped the shark.  Then right around the time Sun and Jin had their flashback something happened, I got a lump in my throat.  This moment along with the succeeding flashbacks were so well edited and acted that I thought that they just might pull this thing off.  They just might make a finale that justified this whole series.  I was on the edge of my seat, swearing at all the commercial breaks, rooting for Jack, wondering where this was all headed? Finally all the questions I’ve had for 6 years would be answered…

Spoiler Alert:

As Jack walked into the church and met his father he was told that he was dead and that they all created this as a place to meet each other before moving on.  it felt… right, confusing, anti-climatic, thought provoking?  I’m not quite sure.  I am still trying to figure out WTF happened and how I feel about the numerous theories and new questions this episode brings up.  Was Jack dead all along? Did anything on the Island actually happen? Was the sideways world real, or was the island real?  When did they all die?  Questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind.

As far as my final feeling on the overall series, I think this series would have been more powerful if it was wrapped up in one or two seasons.  As it is the commercial world demands you milk the cow.  In the end as an overall series it felt like seasons 3 – 6 were just filler, a holding pattern to make a profit.  Also I really detest commercial TV when it comes to the Dramatic series.  A show like Lost needs to be viewed without commercial interruption. Which is how I viewed seasons 1 and 2.  Thank god for DVD’s.

Interested in hearing your thoughts.


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  1. I wrote a blog post about my take on the show as well. I can sum it up this way – the island was a real experience. The characters were there because they needed to learn something about themselves and they did just that.

    I think the island is still there to help people find their way and that Hurley continues to do the job in a much better way than Jacob ever did.

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