You Want to Live Like Common People?

This morning I heard the William Shatner’s version of the Pulp 1995 Britpop classic “Common People,”  The sheer energy in this Ben Folds produced Shatner remake blew me away.  According to Pulp singer/songwriter Jarvis Cocker the inspiration for this song came from a girl he knew while attending art school.  As Jarvis put it “She could never be like common people”, because even if she gets a flat where “roaches climb the wall” ultimately, “if she called her dad he could stop it all”, in contrast to the true common people who can only “watch their lives slide out of view”.

I tried to find a YouTube video for The Shatner version with no luck.  Instead I found this LEGO version I posted below. The cuts, animation and camera moves are so well done it actually made this already great remake better.

Dedicated to so many girls I dated, here it is Common People the LEGO remake.


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