New Pop Vintage 2007 – Down & Derby

The 1st Down & Derby event in NY was one of those events where all the elements were just right.   Vince Masi who was throwing this party in Pittsburgh for awhile decided to bring it to NY.  Vince reached out to us to shoot it which was funny because a few months earlier we were considering throwing a similar event at the Empire Roller rink in East Flatbush before it closed down.  So when this gig came up we were all over it.

It was at a hot new venue Studio B, there was a huge buzz in the days leading up to it and everyone wanted in. I was getting calls days in advance from folks who were connected themselves to get on my guestlist.  When we arrived the line extended down the block with folks decked out in their best rollerskating/American Apparel gear.   The combination of roller-skates, dancing, great music, and warm weather made this arguably the best night I ever had shooting.  It was also the first time I met Contessa.  We covered 2 other Derby events after this one, but none came close to the sheer energy of Down & Derby 1.  Ahhh the good old days.


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  1. [...] B was the best of them all. This video comes from the second Down & Derby which unlike the first D & D was a bit more laid back.  There was a surreal mood that was different from the all out non-stop [...]

  2. Hey V, good to hear. Keep me updated, maybe I will come thru and skate for a change. haha.

  3. dood, its been a year (july2009) since we skate, dance, and drank in Brooklyn. We are currently scouting new venues for the Down & Derby return!

  4. [...] my last post Vintage Down & Derby, I mentioned that I had an idea to throw a party at the old Empire Roller Rink before it closed [...]

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