The Roots How I Got Over – Episode 1

Over a year ago I got a call to document The Legendary Roots crew as they were in the process of producing their album “How I Got Over.”  As a filmmaker not of the “industry” it was fascinating to see the private behind the scenes Roots vs. the public ready for primetime Roots we have grown used to. The private Roots are far more intense than I would have imagined. I had hoped to capture more of that side but often ran into roadblocks from the band and the management whenever my lenses penetrated that carefully crafted image.  I was able to capture some intense and private moments but not nearly as much as I would have liked. The little that I did get was fascinating. Hopefully it shows a side that you guys have not seen before.  Not sure when or if this series will ever get the official release it deserves.  I doubt it. Seems like anything of substance has a harder time gaining traction online than in traditional media.  It’s less a world of story-lines and substance and more a world of sound-bytes, montages and cool kids.  But instead of bitching and moaning about the state of the web, I’m going to do something pro-active and publish the 4 part series here weekly starting today.

Enjoy Episode 1


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