New Pop Vintage – Whole In The Wall (R.I.P. Rammallzee)

Legendary Graf Writer Rammallzee passed away today. I only saw him once at the Whole In The Wall show I documented last year. He had one of the coolest pieces.  I overheard someone saying that may be the last time we would see him.  That night Rammallzee was acting really strange; mumbling under his breadth, buzzing around like a hummingbird, not speaking to anyone, a few weeks later a friend of mine who knew him told me that was just who he was.

The photo below (courtesy of  The Arab Parrot) Rammallzee had that icy look on his face because this stodgy artsy couple told Rammallzee not to touch the art not knowing who he was or that the piece he was touching was his piece.  If you think the look on his face is funny you should have seen the couple.  I caught the same scene on video from a different angle.  (You can see it about 2:00 in) He was one scary dude.


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