NYC Pride Overview: The fierce, the fab, the fantasy

Hey kids,

So I checked out NYC Pride the other day. My first time experiencing it was nothing short of incredible.

The only thing I did mind was the heat. I must have walked approximately five miles. I showered three times yesterday.

Things got started with the Pride parade, which was the most interesting mix of crazy, hot, sickly fierce and original fashion, politics, art, expression, and love.

Check out some of these pics from the festivities.  Me and my friends got front row at the barricades!

My voice went hoarse from yelling “WORK!” to those deserving of such a catcall.

Candy Land Couture

This was during the Puerto Rican portion of the parade

Bubbles came out the back :D

Navy uniforms, rainbow flags

Navy uniforms, rainbow flags

I like that she posed when she saw cameras flashing. FIERCE!!

Sidenote, speaking of “workin’ it,” I loved the way the New Yorkers booed the new mayor when he was announced on the float. They keep it real all day, everyday.

PrideFest (the annual street fair of sorts) was next – over on Hudson. There was a slew of local and up-coming national performers, including headliner Antigone Rising. I only saw two acts. One’s name is fuzzy but his song /dance moves was hot.

The other was Lex Z. Check out her website at I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, after a wonderful $10 dinner at Cafe Tasia (appetizer, Merlot AND entree), I slept, showered and recharged before hitting up Phoenix on 13th and Ave A.  It was like a hipster version of gay pride, if you will.  There, I met up with Carolina and Jason, whom you will remember from The Scene’s Episode 3.

We watched as the band Little Victory revved up their guitars and cruised through sociopolitical songs bashing bitchy gays and homophobes.

They had a fabulous, radiant energy. The bar was dark and packed body to body, and surprisingly, it was cooler inside than it was outside! I only had room to sip my ($5!) Long Island.

After that, we went back to Carolina’s to get dolled up for Greenhouse Sundays, which is notable for its guests in costume.

Time for more sweat. The club was packed.

Me and the crew got on top of a booth adjacent to the DJ booth and danced like it was 1999. We had a great time, but my camera died in the midst of grinding and droppin’ it like it was hot (because it was hot, in the club, I mean). :( So no pictures from that…

But check these out:

Little Victory score big win with crowd @ Phoenix

From left: Jessie (KITE!) and Jason (CAPE!) before the Greenhouse sweatshow.

Getcha stunna shades on

Overall, NYC Pride gets an A+ for being the most diverse, intense, saturated, and expressionist event I’ve seen since I’ve been here. Can’t wait for next year.



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