The Roots Webisodes: Episode 2

In this never released 4 part series for the album How I Got Over, celebrity photographer Ben Watts documents The Roots for that album.  If you saw the entry for Episode 1 you know about my frustration dealing with the label when it came to penetrating the carefully crafted veil of The Roots.  I wanted to document them with their guard down, smoking, fighting, talking about folks, etc.  The Roots wanted something more montage like, complimentary and high energy.  Episode 1 was as close as I got to capturing that.  This episode is sort of a compromise.  I guess it is to be expected when the label is flipping the bill.  In the end no one seemed happy.  I think this contributed to the project getting shelved.  I thought despite the label not being happy with the end product that I worked my butt off on these videos and I wanted it to see the light of day even if it is late.  Here it is Episode 2.



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