Jun 10

Elevator Fight @ The Delancey!

Hey kids,

It’s Mickey here. So, I moved to New York a month ago,  and I’m getting my feet wet in the scene, and I must say, this was a great show to help kick things off.

I’d been stalking Elevator Fight (a Philly-based band fronted by the one and only Zoe Kravitz) on the low since I heard buzz about them at South by Southwest, which I was lucky enough to attend this year. They’ve also been the topic of hot discussion in mags like Paper and New York. And of course, they visited The New Pop Loft not too long ago for an interview.

This rising band was everything I hoped for.

Zoe rocks an intimate crowd at The Delancey

The crowd (filled with plenty of fly young’uns)  danced to alternative pop-rock  jams that buzzed and screeched on bass and electric guitars. Zoe’s voice has quite the bite to it, I must add. I loved the way she didn’t seem to care if her whiskey was spilled, or if some in the crowd didn’t dance at first.

She broke the ice by saying, “This is our soundcheck,” before breaking into breezy, yet hard rockers about the Illuminati such as “Get Up” and “Ragin’.”

Take five.

After the show, we all hit the rooftop, which seemed surprising exclusive with it’s low white couches and large island plants.  And you best believe, the bottles were poppin’. (I indulged in a tasty Long Island, the drink of choice for many last night.)

I hung out with the drummer and the electric and bass guitarists: Joe Baldacci, Dominic Angelella, Nick Bockrath, respectively, after the show.  (Shout out: Dominic’s mom Marianne even hung out for a bit!  She let me stand in front of her briefly to get some pics of the band.)

Check out pics below of the party.  I had a blast, and would LOVE to see Elevator Fight perform again.

Read more about Elevator Fight @  http://www.myspace.com/elevatorfight#ixzz0r17Z3rfw

The life of the party

Brittany from Long Island is sippin’ a Long Island

Me (Mickey!) hanging with Nick, Dominic and Joe of Elevator Fight (from left).

Jun 10

Elevator Fight At The Delancey

Tuesday Elevator Fight performs at The Delancey which got a write up in Paper Mag.  I also posted a profile we did with them last year.  I love their energy.


Jun 10

Empire Roller Rink – 1978

In my last post Vintage Down & Derby, I mentioned that I had an idea to throw a party at the old Empire Roller Rink before it closed down in 2007.  It never went past the idea stage but a few months later the Down & Derby crew had their own roller party in Williamsburg which I documented.  I was super excited to shoot Down & Derby because I wanted to re-live those memories I had skating at Empire Roller rink when I was a kid in the 70′s.  Here is some old footage shot at the Empire Roller Rink in 1978.  If you compare videos I think we all did a good job capturing that old 70′s roller party vibe.

Jun 10

New Pop Vintage 2007 – Down & Derby

The 1st Down & Derby event in NY was one of those events where all the elements were just right.   Vince Masi who was throwing this party in Pittsburgh for awhile decided to bring it to NY.  Vince reached out to us to shoot it which was funny because a few months earlier we were considering throwing a similar event at the Empire Roller rink in East Flatbush before it closed down.  So when this gig came up we were all over it.

It was at a hot new venue Studio B, there was a huge buzz in the days leading up to it and everyone wanted in. I was getting calls days in advance from folks who were connected themselves to get on my guestlist.  When we arrived the line extended down the block with folks decked out in their best rollerskating/American Apparel gear.   The combination of roller-skates, dancing, great music, and warm weather made this arguably the best night I ever had shooting.  It was also the first time I met Contessa.  We covered 2 other Derby events after this one, but none came close to the sheer energy of Down & Derby 1.  Ahhh the good old days.


Jun 10

To All My Video/Art Geeks: Scion Installation 6

The Scion Installation 6 tour focuses on the medium of video, which emerged in the 1960s and has since expanded galleries into more experimental, kinetic and interactive spaces. ”Installation 6: Video challenged 10 artists to create non-narrative video installations that will transform five unique exhibitions. Previous participants include: Blek le Rat, Mr. Cartoon, Crash, Daze, Futura, Ricky Powell, Rammellzee, Kenny Scharf, and many others.

There will an open bar (Beer & Wine) So you don’t want to miss this.  I sure won’t.  Its happening at Eastern District, 43 Bogart Street Brooklyn.

We have a special limited guest list. To RSVP email spincontrolpr@gmail.com before 3pm Friday. Mention New Pop in the subject line.

Check out the promo vid and flyer below. See you there!

Scion Installation 6: Video – Brooklyn Preview from Scion ART on Vimeo.

Jun 10

Whorehouse 3

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

After swearing off parties for the better part of a year Contessa asked me to shoot Whorehouse 3, which if you didn’t know is a place where the underground hip hop heads and GBLT scene come to party together.  Who else but Contessa and her partner in crime Black Angels founder Promise Smith can bring these scenes together.  The above quote from The Godfather 3 kind of sums up how I felt when Contessa asked me to shoot this.  I have been avoiding shooting nightlife like the plague.  But the truth is as much as I fight it NYC nightlife will always be a part of TheNewPop. Its a big part of our city, so it is a big part of TheNewPop.  So when Contessa asked me to do her a favor and shoot Whorehouse 3, I said why not.  Plus I loved the theme.  But don’t get any ideas about asking me to shoot your party for free. Contessa is a dear friend and she gets the special treatment.  I can’t wait to see what these girls do next.

The party was pretty crazy, it seemed like the entire Hip Hop/Punk hybrid scene was there.  Just as it started to really kick in and Ninjasonik started to perform the cops pulled the plug.  I did manage to grab some good footage before everyone got booted.


Jun 10

Summer Time!

Yesterday as we all know was the unofficial start of summer, which also means lots of New Videos from The New Pop.  What better way to welcome the new season than with a Memorial Day video.  And what better place to bring in Memorial day than at Coney Island.