GTKU – J.R. Melanie & Basquiat

Life is like a box of Chocolates, so are people.  That is the inspiration behind the Getting to Know You project.

This past Monday I finally got around to seeing The Jean-Michel Basquiat documentary Radiant Child. Director Tamra Davis did a great job presenting a more disarming and thoughtful side of the talented but tormented artist.  The commentary from Nelson George about the artist struggle with being a black man in a mostly white scene is fresh and insightful.  And if you are a fan of the Julian Schnabel bio pic Basquiat you’re going to love seeing much of it play out through photos, video and interviews.  One major critique I have is the poor camera and audio on some of the interviews. Nelson’s being the worst. Still I would higly recommend seeing this film.

After the film I thought it would be great to get a review from a fellow theatre goer.  Say hello to J.R. and Melanie.  They seemed like a great duo and I just had to approach them as a part of my Getting to Know You series.

BTW the film only runs through August 3rd.  For more info log onto the film forum website.


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