New Pop Vintage 2007 – Pop Life

As time passes it becomes more apparent how special the early days at thenewpop were.  Back in 2006 there were only a handful of photo bloggers, and no other videographers I knew covering the scene.  Tone, Texas and I were doing something new and everyone wanted us at their events.  For those who couldn’t be at the events we covered the comments we heard most was, ‘you made us feel like we were there.’ For those who were at those events especially the promoters the comment we heard most was, ‘If we weren’t there it’s like it didn’t happen.’

And to the three T’s, the triple threats, the original New Pop crew; Tone, Texas & Trevz. We may now work seperatly in this downtown photo/video world we helped create together, but we will always have the memories of countless late nights spent capturing precious moments, discovering new artist, or just bullshitting on the way to a shoot.  Moments we often shared with ourselves before we shared them with you the audience.  This makes those memories extra special.  The video below is a montage of a small portion of the photos and videos we published from those first three years.  This montage titled Pop Life was first published in 2007 and re-edited in 2008 with updated photo and video footage.


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