New Pop Vintage 2008 – “Pop Goes Contessa LES”

From our Pop Goes Contessa series this episode featuring Theophilus London takes place in the L.E.S. I decided to post this as a tribute to “The Bench” at American Apparel which is being removed. Oh the memories.

If you didn’t know the history of the bench here is a little background courtesy of

“Not only is American Apparel hurtling towards financial destruction, but the company just removed five of the nine benches from outside its Orchard Street store. Back in the heady days of 2007, a New York Observer article proclaimed one of the benches “the epicenter of perhaps the hottest ‘anti-scene’ scene on Saturday nights” after a bunch of DJs released a fake press release treating it as a hot new nightspot. (The bench even had—has!—its own MySpace page, although it looks like nobody’s left their mark there since 2008.)”

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