The Selby is not in my “Workspace”

Considering how hard it is to get renowned celebrity photographer The Selby to photograph my space (See chart), I decided to stop waiting by my phone and photograph my own workspace.

I’ve lived in this gritty grimey 1 bedroom Williamsburg apartment for 5 years and everytime I think of leaving I get a little reminder of why I’m still here.  This place this neighborhood has got personality.  It’s got it in spades.  I live on Broadway and Marcy right under the JMZ line. The train noise alone is enough to keep the wide eyed midwestern transplants from taking permanent refuge this side of the 11211.  I’ve seen my block in several films/paintings or music videos.  Just last week Madonna was filming her latest movie (W.E.) right outside my apartment.  I guess it’s got that classic (down on your luck) look.  You know that look you find in old Noir films. The neon light flickering thru a window, the train shaking the whole apartment.  In my case it’s no movie script, it’s where I live.  Everytime the heat doesn’t work, or a mouse runs past me, I start cruising Craigslist to see what’s out there.  But then I think to myself, i’ll probably look back at this place in 15 years and say those were the best years of my life, so try and enjoy it while it lasts. Granted I am not still living here in 15 years.



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