Aloe Blacc – Take Away Show

Many of us myself included was introduced to the soulful sounds of Aloe Blacc via the title track “I Need a Dollar“ on the HBO show How to Make it in America. This track is remarkably relevant for our time and the show, and has such an authentic 70′s vibe that I thought it was sung by some old timer in his 50′s or 60′s.  In truth Aloe Blacc is a modern day crooner who got his start as a MC in the mid 90′s with an indie rap group called Emanon.

The first video courtesy of La blogotheque is a brilliant example of letting a moment happen in all it’s lo-fi glory. He performs two tracks the second is the title track from the show. Check it out and if you somehow find yourself not toe tapping, head nodding, or hand clapping, then proceed to check yourself into a morgue cuz your dead.

The second part I was hesitant to play this video mostly due to it’s 13 minute plus runtime and my belief that it could not top the first video. In the first 6 minutes of this video where Blacc performs his track “You Make Me Smile” from his upcoming album Good Things I was moved me to tears.  What a simple but lovely moment, what a beautiful song.

Rarely do videos have that affect on me.  And to the director Colin Solal Cardo, Bravo!  This moment could easily get lost with bad framing, missed shots and excessive editing. This to me is a perfect example of what makes today’s videographer a force.  For almost no money and a vision one can do what music videos have failed to do in the past 30 years, that is bring real moments to you that sell an artist without selling out. I’m officially sold on my new favorite artist Aloe Blacc.

Enjoy them both

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