New Pop Vintage 2007 – Kareem Black & White

One of my favorite profiles featured Photographer Kareem Black.  In 2007 Kareem was at the center of a scene that I was suddenly discovering as a videographer.  At the time things were happening relatively fast for me and I tended to keep everyone at arms distance.  Kareem was someone who because of his talent, his experience and his success provided me with keen insight on navigating the scene and avoiding the stumbling blocks that seem to devour artist after artist.

I am not sure if he realized how much of what he said in this very interview (Especially part 2) still provides me with a blueprint for success as a new media artist.  Allot can be said about Kareem, but you can’t say he isn’t always on his game. Here it is in two parts, Kareem Black & White

Most ironic moment in part 2 at 4:17 right as Kareem says “downtown’s growing up’ someone walks by on cue in what looks like a bull fighting outfit.



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