New Pop Vintage 2006 – Love Brigade

In 2006 I approached Alyssa Key the founder of a new boutique Love Brigade about doing a short documentary about her company as a DVD release.  At that point I was shooting web videos for a little over a year and wasn’t quite convinced that the web was a medium that people would embrace for watching films. At the time I started producing web video content in late 2004 Youtube hadn’t even been created yet and most videos on the web were hosted on individual sites and servers all over the net. Other than Atom Films which was mostly a niche group of filmmakers seeking traditional distribution, there wasn’t really a platform for serious filmmakers to exhibit their work to non filmmakers.  It took over a year for me to embrace the potential.

Fast forward to the summer of ’06 while shooting the folks at Love Brigade when after much thought I finally decided to forego traditional distribution for the web.  It was a decision that immediately felt right, and for almost 4 years particularly in the downtown scene I enjoyed having this playground pretty much to myself. The Love Brigade series will always have a special place in the New Pop archives because it was where I came upon the proverbial fork in the road.  Here are the first 3 episode in the Love Brigade series, episode 3 being my favorite.  You can find the rest by following my youtube link.



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