Everything is a Remix – Kill Bill

This video courtesy of producer Kirby Ferguson and and editor Robert Grigsby Wilson does a side by side comparison of the film Kill Bill and the older movies it referenced.  It is not a secret that Quentin Tarantino who worked in a video rental store before he got his break, relied heavily on old genre films to inform his work. Not being a film student or a indie art-house film buff I must admit that I either didn’t recognize or make the connection between many of the films referenced in this remix, so I was a little taken aback by the fact that my all-time favorite director would rely so heavily on older movies, even lifting scenes frame for frame to create what I considered masterpieces. My opinion of Tarantino as an “original” artist took a hit after viewing this edit, until one of the comments on the vimeo page put some perspective and historical context to this sampling technique.

“Tarantino truly is the first hip-hop filmmaker. He samples everything and still manages to make it unique. He frustrates the hell out of me because I can see him pulling from some of my favorite sources, but you can’t deny the end product, which is always entertaining as hell.”

On the Everything is a Remix website they provide us with scholarly insight into the age old question ‘Is anything Original?’ For those among us who hang out in indie art circles or were attentive in film class this site may seem a little passe.  But if you like me have been raised mostly on pOp culture, music videos and blockbuster movies, this site will give a little insight into the mind of the indie art film buff.  These guys really know their stuff.


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  1. My god, that is pretty amazing! The more I learn, the harder it is to brush off Tarantino’s “remix” skills as just that. Great work and thanks for the link. I’ll try to include your vimeo links in future posts.

  2. Apparently you guys never saw this – http://vimeo.com/5081539

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