Tiny Feature Saturday’s – Everything is a Remix Parts 1 & 2

Yesterday I was introduced to an amazing series “Everything is a Remix” Produced by Kirby Ferguson and Robert Grigsby Wilson.  In this episode they did a side by side comparison of the film Kill Bill and older genre films.  This compelling view into the mind of Quentin Tarantino, Hollywood’s most prolific remixer, was insightful and entertaining.  That video led me to Part 1 of the web series for further investigation into the recent history of remixing.  Included in this episode are examples from the early hip hop anthem Rappers Delight, to the notorious Led Zeppelin plagiarism cases.  Part 2 titled “Remix Inc” goes into more detail about the history of remixing in genre films.  It is truly a joy to watch and I am looking forward to parts 3 and 4 from these guys.


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