The Videographers Guide to Not Falling on Your New Media Face | Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Videographers Not To Do List continued.

Last week in Chapter 2 I thought I would share with you some of the mistakes I made when I first started video blogging. This week I complete the list with the top 5 things to avoid.  I’ve made many of these mistakes myself. Some because of my inexperience, others because of my ego and my stubbornness.  I was able to learn on the job mostly because the competition was thin.  Repeat these mistakes today and clients won’t be nearly as forgiving.  As I have mentioned ad nausea, during the years 2005 – 2009  I was pretty much the only video blogger most of my clients new.  Today most serious brands have their own list of go-to videographers.  If you want to make the good clients notice you then you need to avoid mis-steps.  This is the how to guide of what not to do.

5. It’s not about you The New Pop brand was built on the personal element of video/photo blogging.  The stories we were telling were about the scene and our fascination with this unfamiliar world of highly ambitious, always cool, and mostly dysfunctional people.  They opened their arms to us simply because our cameras fed their narcissus’s to be recognized in the new social media landscape. We went from outsiders, to sitting at the cool kids table over the course of a summer.  Our aw-shucks sentiment easily found it’s way into our art.  It was infectious, it was addictive.  In the end our narcissism was as much in focus as our subjects’.

As a video blogger it is intoxicating to find an audience that is receptive to your story.  Video bloggers like MaestroKnows, or The13thWitness give first hand accounts of th


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  1. On point number 5, I’ve been saying that for years. Approach this from the perspective of a business owner. Business people are looking for any way to promote their products and services. If a media company places more focus on themselves rather than the client, thier business model will be short lived.

    Very informative article.