Wayback Thursday’s | Fall Down At The Asterisk* – 3/5/2007

I am starting a new weekly called Wayback Thursday’s.  Utilizing one of the coolest sites on the web the Internet Archive, I will be posting old New Pop Episodes as they appeared in their original format.  I’ve known about this service for a couple of years now and finally decided to put it to good use.

The first video I want to feature was posted around March 5th 2007. It was shot at this artists loft out in Bushwick Brooklyn The Asterisk*.  The event was Fall Down and showcased local artists and MC’s.  During the early years I was all about documenting “underground” loft parties as much as possible.  I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and fascinated by the art and cool people that I was meeting everyday.  Social Media was just taking off on Myspace, integrating this new media with our art was sheer excitement.  We were invited to this particular event by my friend Busy Bisc 1 who I am still friends with today. The event was fun but in a low key way. What stands out to me is how just 4 years ago people’s styles have changed so much.  I also look back and remember that this was before video phones, and HD cameras.  And the DSLR video cameras that are all the rage now were not invented yet.   This was a couple of years before the photo/video blogging thing would take off so there weren’t many people documenting events back then.  In 2007 there wasn’t even a decent place to upload video since back then YouTube and Vimeo compressed the shit out of video uploads, (that’s the main reason why I invested so much into customizing thenewpop). Even as grainy as my footage looked back then, YouTube and Vimeo was so much worse.  I also noticed a photo in this video (the one with the man pointing a gun at the camera) from the artist JR who is world famous for his massive wheat-pastes.  (I don’t know if he was directly involved with the show).

These are some of the memories that made that time so cool for me and will hopefully make this series a cool experience for you.  So without further ado, Wayback from March 5th, 2007 Fall Down at the Asterisk*

Wayback Trivia: Thenewpop was the first site to utilize custom image uploads in the movie window as opposed to the random screen capture technology.  Innovative, yes!


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